Where is the Palisades Park Borough Hall located and what are the hours of operation?

The Borough Hall is located at 275 Broad Ave, Palisades Park, NJ 07650. The general hours of operation are from 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. but certain departments may open earlier or close later. Please refer to each departmental description on the website for specific hours.


How is the Borough of Palisades Park organized?

Please view the Palisades Park Organization Flow Chart.


Where can I find the rules and regulations of the Borough?

Please view the Palisades Park Borough Code.


How can I receive a resident parking sticker?

Please view the Resident Sticker Application Procedure.


What is the best way to contact a Borough Official, if not calling by phone?

Please utilize the following e-mail directory for all Borough Officials.


Mayor James Rotundo mayorrotundo@palisadesparknj.us
Deputy Administrator Austin Ashley aashley@palisadesparknj.us
Borough Clerk Gina S. Kim gkim@palisadesparknj.us
Deputy Borough Clerk/Bi-Lingual Receptionist Sophia Jang sjang@palisadesparknj.us
Confidential Aide to the Mayor/Borough Clerk’s Secretary Linda Parente lparente@palisadesparknj.us
Borough Clerk’s Secretary Antoinette Fields afields@palisadesparknj.us
Building Construction Official Thomas O’Malley tomalley@palisadesparknj.us
Building Code Enforcement Official Kenneth Bruno kbruno@palisadesparknj.us
Building Department Secretary Gloria Aligo galigo@palisadesparknj.us
Building Inspector Kevin Menaldo kmenaldo@palisadesparknj..us
Director of Recreation John D’Elia recreation@palisadesparknj.us
Department of Public Works John Grala dpw@palisadesparknj.us
Emergency Service Unit Matthew Finck mfinck@palisadesparknj.us
Finance Accounts Payable Clerk Mary Leto mleto@palisadesparknj.us
Finance Bookkeeper John Mattessich jmattessich@palisadesparknj.us
Fire Department Chief Joseph Kurz fdchief@palisadesparknj.us
Fire Dept. Deputy Chief Michael Vietri fddchief@palisadesparknj.us
Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Stephen Killion fdbchief@palisadesparknj.us
Fire Official Andrew Chiurazzi fireprevention@palisadesparknj.us
Fire Inspector Michael Valente fireprevention@palisadesparknj.us
Health Department Nurse Paula Murphy pmurphy@palisadesparknj.us
Registered Environmental Health Specialist Christine Kim skim@palisadesparknj.us
Health Registrar Lucy Hanrahan lhanrahan@palisadesparknj.us
Library Director Susan Kumar kumar@bccls.org
Police Chief Benjamin Ramos bramos@palisadesparknj.us
Police Records Yamila Ibrahim policerecords@palisadesparknj.us
Swimming Pool Manager Anthony Rotundo poolmanager@palisadesparknj.us
Swimming Pool Secretary Karen Nascenti knascenti@palisadesparknj.us
Tax Collector Michael Apicella mapicella@palisadesparknj.us
Assistant to Tax Collector Maria Eleftheriou maria@palisadesparknj.us