NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Ordinance(s) #2016-20 and 2016-21 were introduced and passed on first reading at a meeting of the Mayor& Council, held on SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 and ordered published in accordance with the law. Said Ordinance(s) will be considered for final reading and adoption at a meeting held on OCTOBER 25, 2016 at 7:00 PM, in the Council Chambers, at which time all persons interested may appear for or against the passage of said Ordinance(s).

A copy of the Ordinance(s) will be posted on the Bulletin Board in the Borough Hall and will be available at the Office of the Borough Clerk.

ORDINANCE 2016-20 Bond Ordinance to Appropriate an Additional Sum of $70,000 for the Acquisition of Real Property for Use as a Parking Lot for the Public Library
ORDINANCE 2016-21 Amendment of Chapter 300 Entitled “Land Use and Development”